Re-visit and learn

For the Unit of Inquiry sessions, under the Trans disciplinary theme ‘Where we are in place and time’, students continued their journey into the third line of inquiry- Impact of exploration on mankind. In groups, they simulated a Flipped Classroom wherein they planned a lesson on the impact of land, sea and space exploration on mankind and taught their peers. They also undertook a field trip to Aravali Biodiversity Park to get a first-hand experience of how exploration can lead to discoveries, challenges, opportunities and new understandings. They explored and gained knowledge about different species of flora and fauna at the park.

In addition, they revised the concepts covered and clarified their doubts before taking the summative assessment.

During their English classes, students exhibited a true example of Student Agency as they co-constructed a rubric for assessment of their writing skills. Their thinking skills were put to test as they collaborated to create a checklist and rubric parameters. They completed second draft of their essay by incorporating the feed forward on the first draft. Then students were introduced to tenses and their correct usage with help of common examples. They reinforced their knowledge of tenses by identifying different tenses in the newspaper while also individually attempting a quiz on Microsoft Forms.

Students attempted a formative assessment on essay writing. They were given the topic, ‘The impact of exploration on mankind’, which seamlessly integrated into their Unit of Inquiry. Students developed listening skills by listening to a poem, ‘The Road Not Taken’ by Robert Frost and further developed thinking skills by analysing the poem in terms of its elements.

During their Math lessons, students reinforced the concept of percentage. They learned the conversion of fractions into decimals, decimals into percentages and vice versa (link below). Students honed their social skills and thinking skills by engaging in a group activity for the conversion of fractions, decimals and percentage. To strengthen the concept of conversion, students practised with help of drill sheet and word problems. They also attempted a formative assessment on the same. To foster the understanding of fractions, decimals and percentage, students enthusiastically played board games prepared by MYP 1 students.

Students tuned into ratios and proportions and attempted a quiz to strengthen their understanding. (Link below) (Percentage) (Introduction to ratios) (Quiz on ratios)

During Hindi classes, students read a story and watched a video based on ‘गुलीवर की यात्रा’, to enhance reading and listening skills. To strengthen their understanding of that story, they created questions and answered them. To enhance their grammatical skills, students identified types of adjectives and their use in sentences. As integration with the current unit, students watched video based on ocean exploration. They discussed challenges faced by the ocean explorers. (गुलीवर की यात्रा) (ocean exploration)


During French classes, students listened to an audio presentation describing daily routine in the target language to build vocabulary (link below). They understood the concept of pronominal verbs and conjugated one verb of their choice; hence incorporating Student Agency. They also learned a few conjunctions to link and frame comprehensible sentences. Students were given exemplars to understand and write about their daily routine in a structured manner. They wrote a draft in a given time frame and reflected on it after receiving feedback from the teacher. They developed their thinking skills (acquisition of knowledge, application) and self-management skills (organization and time management) during this activity.

During Spanish classes, students learned the list of AR ending regular verbs, wherein they understood the pattern of their conjugation. They were explained the differences and similarities between conjugation of AR ending and ER ending verbs. To strengthen their understanding, students conjugated most of the verbs and framed sentences using the them.


In their Art lessons, students learned about an art technique called ‘Stippling’. They also explored different art forms like Cubism, Impressionism and Pointillism. Students who enjoy doodling were given an opportunity to exhibit their talent.

A formative assessment on Pivot Animator was given to students during ICT lessons and they created short animations to showcase their understanding of the software. They started exploring Microsoft Paint 3D to create 3D models.

In Physical Education classes, students continued with their unit on Cricket. They were briefed about fielding skills and practised catching, running behind the ball and throwing the ball to the stumps.

During Music classes, students practised karaoke singing and gave a solo performance on drums and keyboards. They explored various genres of music.


In Dance classes, students started learning storytelling through dance and were familiarized with two formats (narrative and abstract), which can be used for storytelling. This was done in their creation and composition class. As part of their technique class, students learned different types of extensions that included basic kicks and dance postures.

During the library session, students celebrated American litterateur Megan McDonald’s birthday (28th February) whose most popular series ‘Judy Moody’ is much appreciated and loved by children from around the world.






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