Amazing August

Students have been engaged in various activities and thoughtful discussions about the types of governments from around the world, the role of the government and the rights and responsibilities of citizens during their Unit of Inquiry. With the help of case studies, class room engagements and research; students are getting ample opportunities to find out about different types of government systems.

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                                                 Ice breaking activities and Tuning In 

They inquired into the structure of the Indian administration (centre, state and district) —the division of major roles and responsibilities between them. They also gained an in depth understanding about the three arms of government— legislature, executive and judiciary and the roles they play in the smooth running of the government. Students were apprised about the different professions and careers related to the three branches of government.   

                                         Using research skills for further information 

Students got a first-hand experience of participating in the school senate elections. They reflected on the democratic nature of the election procedure which led to an enduring understanding about the democratic form of government.

Speech on Senate elections




Process of casting vote for Senate positions

Students reflected on their own rights and responsibilities as students and were able to make meaningful connections with the fundamental rights and duties of an Indian citizen. They read the newspaper regularly and used the skimming and scanning strategy to look for articles related to their ongoing unit. They read and analysed these articles to enrich their knowledge about the role and working of a government.

Watching a video on democracy

The students began the new session with a Writer’s Workshop where they learned how to enhance their written skills for English. UOI was seamlessly integrated with English language when students applied their knowledge of the IB key concepts to the biographies of famous world leaders. Further, they applied their knowledge of different types of sentences to identify sentences from the newspaper. With the help of case studies, they further delved into fundamental rights and duties as well as branches of government to strengthen their understanding of the current unit. They learned the art of taking notes and have begun doing so.      

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In their Mathematics classes, students discussed about the Indian and International Number System. Students studied the difference between Indian & International number system, periods (using comma),reading and writing  numerals in both forms. They learned to estimate numbers by employing the technique of rounding off large numbers to the nearest million and crore. A formative assessment on number system and rounding of numbers was conducted.

Students evaluated the similarity and differences between the operations of addition and multiplication. They solved addition carry over sums and word problems. Students applied their knowledge of rounding-off while estimating sums and differences. They discussed vocabulary associated with multiplication terms and also revised the long multiplication method.



For  Hindi lessons, students discussed about the learner profile and essential agreements and made posters on the same. They revised all the maatraas (मात्रा) and varnmaalaa (वर्णमाला) through different activities. They discussed and wrote the fundamental rights and responsibilities of an Indian citizen.

(Link for the video about importance of education in one’s life)



During their French lessons, prior knowledge assessment was done through interesting classroom games. Students identified the learner profile attributes they developed during the course of the last year and wrote the French vocabulary and reasons for the same in French as a class activity.

Spanish lessons saw students assess their prior knowledge with help of looping back worksheets based on the topics covered in their previous grade. Students have been taught the equivalent words of the IB learner profile in Spanish. Students also wrote a few lines in Spanish about themselves as a part of a class activity.

Students began the new session with enthusiasm. They framed essential agreements and started exploring Microsoft Excel. They integrated ICT with the unit of inquiry through a class discussion about real news and fake news, which was further supported by an informative video. They reflected on this information through a collaboration tool ‘Padlet’ and cited real-life examples about fake news. Students have enjoyed creating tables and charts and have begun learning Microsoft Excel.

Dance classes had the students doing basic warm up techniques, basic stretching and basic Contemporary techniques like hip roll and spotting-basic kicks, back flexibility exercises and progressions of spotting. 


In their Music sessions, the students practised the vocal warm up songs and solfege and learned about voice modulation technique. They practised to sing group songs and acquired knowledge on harmony and part singing. They practised to play C, D, E and F scales on the ukulele. They presented solo singing in class and sang along with the karaoke tracks.


In their Art classes, students enjoyed creating Doodle Art. They then inquired about the role of Government in developing and promoting art and architecture in the country. Students also created a KWHLAQ chart on conservation and restoration of art and architecture.


Students participated in Inter-House Swimming trials  for  25 metre freestyle and 25 metre backstroke during their Physical Education lessons.           IMG20180730123717


Students participated in  a quiz on the occasion of 72nd anniversary of India’s independence. Questions like India’s national tree, national marine animal, national reptile, India’s population, number of states and many more questions were asked during the Library lesson.

Choosing the library books

                                                     Assembly on Independence Day